The White Hmong in Den thang, Bat Xat, Lao Cai

Sin chai village of Den thang commune is situated in the north-western part of Vietnam. The White Hmong women here wear pleated skirt in plain white hemp (Sung family) or with batik and indigo dying (Vang family), short jacket, decorative embroidered collar and belts, especially on Tet, weddings and other festivals.

The difference in traditional costumes of Hmong Bat Xat comparing with other Hmong groups is the technique of making reversed appliquộ which requires special skill and patience. Most of their appliquộ motifs are in spiral shape (Cu in Hmong language) and formed by combination of several colorful fabric layers on black background.

In 2009, realizing the special potential of White Hmong group in Sin Chai village, Craft Link and Ucodep initiated a handicraft project to support the Hmong women here. The project is aimed at reviving traditional culture of Hmong people and helping them to earn more income from handicraft production.  

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