Hmong in Mai Chau, Hoa Binh

No longer permitted to grow opium, the Hmong in Mai Chau subsist by cultivating fruit trees, growing corn and a tuber used for making noodles and collecting firewood form the surrounding dense forest.  Now assisted by a project of CRAFT LINK and Oxfam Quebec, Hmong women have the opportunity to use their traditional handicraft skills to earn additional income.

Pa Co commune is nestled in high hills and deep valleys often blanked by dense fog. Houses traditional have low thatched roofs and no windows. Interiors are dark and filled with smoke from an open fire.

The Hmong of Pa Co are sometimes labeled "Blue Hmong" because women wear an indigo-dyed head cloth for special occasions and they use fabric in shades of blue to decorate the batiked indigo cloth of their full knee-length skirts. The H'mong women pay attention to the making and care of the skirts, one can surmise that it is something which significantly expresses their unique presence in the world.

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