Quang Lam commune, Bao Lam district, Cao Bang province

The White H’mong and Flower H’mong minority people live in Na Kieng and Tong Chao village in Quang Lam commune, Bao Lam district, Cao Bang province where there are majestic mountains bordering a gentle, clear stream. Though life is peaceful, people still face many difficulties because they live mainly on self-supply.
Traditional H’mong women are very hardworking and skillful. They can embroider and make costumes for their family members. In recent years, however, this cultural beauty has gradually reduced and even at risk of loss due to the trend of buying ready-made clothing in the local upland markets.
Traditional costumes of the white and flower H’mong women consist of short blouses and hemp skirts with aprons and belts decorated outside.
Like the costumes of other H’mong groups, the decoration of the shirt is concentrated on the neck with two front braces and an appliqued rectangular in backside. This appliqued piece is sophisticatedly embroidered with stacked layers of thin fabric in white, green and yellow. When stitching the collar, they create the shape first, so that the angles of the collar slightly pointed out, then they add the decorations to complete the collar.
Beside the sophisticated collar, the belt and sleeves are also important parts of the costume. The belt consists of two long fabric strips, attached to a simple dark indigo apron without any decoration. The apron (đại xáy), about 40cm wide, is often used to cover the skirt front, hiding the connecting point of the two ends of the skirt. For the sleeves, they are decorated with a piece of cross-stitch embroidery or a colorful ready-printed fabric piece.
 The project "Preserving the traditional culture & improving livelihood for the H'mong minority people in Na Kieng and Tong Chao villages through the process of raising awareness on the culture values and building capacity in management and handicraft  production skills for the local people" is implemented from April 2014 to the end of 2018. The project is funded and directly carried out by Craft Link in the local communes with the cooperation of Cao Bang Province’s Women Union.

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