The Thai in Chau tien, Quy Chau, Nghe An

For generations, Thai women in Quy Chau have traditionally woven and embroidered bright skirts border. In addition, women also weave and embroider cloth for blankets. However, now fewer and fewer women still make finely woven products for themselves, and most of the fine old pieces have been sold to traders.
Recognizing that the Thai women of Quy Chau possess extraordinary weaving and embroidery skills, the Vietnam museum of Ethnology and Craft Link collaborated together to assist women in two villages to produce traditional cloth items for sale. The project trains women to reproduce old textiles and to adapt traditional for new products. It also provides training in organizational and financial management.
In order to preserve the knowledge of women in Quy Chau, the project has also produced a video on the Thai women's traditional dyeing, silk making and embroidery techniques. 

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